Modified Theory Defined

Your unique bevy.

Modified Theory is a new way to drink. Think you've tasted it all? This hard bevy is a taste sensation that brings together bold flavors with your favorite spirit. With all-natural ingredients and no preservatives, Modified Theory is blended with fruits, herbs, spices and natural, inspiring flavors that will stir your curiosity. Modified Theory is truly mixology made easy. 

So, what does Modified Theory mean? Theory is your best guess yet; it’s not dogma, it’s not fact. These hard bevvys will change your mind about malt-based cocktails, cocktails in general, and how easy mixology can be.

Mixology Made Easy

Frequently Asked Questions

Modified Theory is a crafted malt cocktail. It’s called a hard bevy because it’s not only a delicious spiked beverage, it’s also available in a “bevy = assortment” of flavors.

Modified Theory is a malt beverage, so the alcohol comes from malt fermentation. We add real fruit, spices and natural flavors at different stages of the fermentation process.

While Tahitian Lime Agave and Northwest Berry Lavender are vegan, Tacorro Orange Vanilla contains lactose (milk sugar) and is not vegan.

Modified Theory is fermented from grains containing gluten and crafted to remove gluten. The gluten content cannot be verified, and this beverage may contain gluten. The target is to reduce gluten to <20ppm, however Modified Theory is not safe for celiacs.

We distribute in 32 states across the U.S. Use our Bevy Finder to locate Modified Theory near you!

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